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We can organise and take care of all tournament needs at Traidhos Oval
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  • Professionally-maintained international-standard cricket ground and practice facilities: The Traidhos Oval
  • English Cricket Board program for Prem International School students
  • Inter-Thailand school cricket tournaments - boys and girls
  • International school cricket tournaments - boys and girls
  • Asia-Pacific inter-regional tournaments - men and women
  • International cricket tours - adults, schools, universities
  • Cricket seminars
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  • Cricket team training centre
  • Tournament support: officials, equipment, scoreboard, pavilion Salas, catering, trophies
  • Accommodation, meals, transportation and recreational activities support

Objective of TGCA
  • Promote the game of cricket at all levels through the partnership of the professional and recreational cricketing teams within Thailand and surrounding Asia-Pacific region.
  • Increase the presence and enhance the reputation of TGCA in the community and abroad, subsequently attracting more fans and members to the game.
  • Increase participation, improve the quality and engage people in the game of cricket.
  • Create more opportunities and events in Thailand for people to participate and enjoy cricket.
  • To establish and host a yearly 20/20 Cricket Tournament - 'The Mom Tri Cup'. This tournament is a celebration of the unique nature of cricket and will ensure that the whole game is accessible to all, nurturing the development of the game, embracing the global community regardless of age, race, gender, creed and ability and welcoming all newcomers to the game.

Our Profile
  • Established in 2006
  • Resident ECB Level 3 Cricket coach
  • Dedicated and experienced staff personally provide all event management requirements
  • Hosted Six Asia Cricket Council (ACC) high-performance coaching courses
  • Conducted more than 30 regional and international tournaments for students and adults
  • Extensive Cricket Association network
  • Excellent credibility
  • Home to first-rate cricket facilities, accommodation and amenities
  • After-school cricket coaching and scholarship opportunities for Prem students
Tournaments at the Traidhos Oval in Chiang Mai, Thailand offer an exotic location, camaraderie, on field competition, talented players and professional support services.

Our staff can arrange and coordinate all visiting teams with transportation, accommodation, meals, leisure and hospitality activities to meet your specifications and budget guidelines.

With our growing network of cricket affiliations, TGCA is able to assist with promotion for large scale tournaments to bring awareness and added participation to your event.

TGCA will organise:
  • tournament entry and/or assistance
  • pavilions, chairs and tables
  • match fixtures
  • officials
  • scoring and scoreboard
  • press coverage (optional)
  • catering
  • grounds maintenance crew
  • trophies

Tournament play at the Traidhos Oval

Whether you want to organise your own dedicated tournament or come and take part in one of our forthcoming events, at Three-Generation Cricket Academy we can host and assist with any type of cricket tournament to meet your needs.
  • The Mom Tri Cup (to be announced)
  • 20/20 tournaments
  • Age group tournaments of both genders
  • 50 over tournaments
  • 2/3 day games
  • Overseas tournaments
Contact us for more information to schedule and organize your next tournament.

Past Tournaments at Traidhos Oval (BAR)
  • 14 – 23 December 2006: ACC Under 15 Challenge Cup
  • 07 - 13 December 2007: ACC Under 19 Challenge Cup
  • 11 - 16 January 2008: ACC Under 15 Challenge Cup
  • 21 - 28 November 2008: ACC Under 17 Elite Tournament
  • 16 - 23 December 2008: Ladies’ Under 19 Elite Trophy
  • 10 - 17 January 2009: ACC Men’s Asian World Cup Qualifying Tournament
  • 16 - 23 December 2009: ACC Under 19 Elite Tournament
  • 17 - 23 December 2010: ACC Trophy Tournament
  • 04 - 11 February 2011: ACC Elite Tournament
  • 04 - 10 April 2011: CAT Under 14 SEA Tournament
  • 03 - 10 March 2012: the U-16 Challenge Cup 2012
Cricket Tours for Youth and University Sports Teams

Is your school, league or university looking to broaden the horizons of its young cricketers? Come to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where TGCA can offer you a first-class cricket tournament that promotes excellence on the field and camaraderie throughout.

School holidays are the best time to consider bringing a group of junior teams or club to Thailand for tournament play competing against fellow countrymen or other international schools. Boys and girls of all ages and experience are welcome to take part in this rewarding experience.

Working together with Traidhos Visiting Schools Program, TGCA has a dedicated team with an array of experience organising junior events. We can save you time, effort and money organising your tour from start to finish to your exact requirements. Parents, coaches, team members and chaperones will travel with peace of mind and a memorable experience can be had by all.
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation, meals and Traidhos Oval all located on our safe and secure campus
  • Youth-friendly accommodation
  • Tournament support
  • A range of cultural excursions and activities

Cricket & Golf Tours

Thailand hails as Asia's premier golf destination and Chiang Mai has become increasingly well-known for its high standard of golf courses. With four championship golf courses within a 30-minute drive of the Traidhos Oval, what better way for your team or tour to relax and enjoy one of the highlights of Thailand.
  • Tee-Time booking service
  • Selected special green fee rates
  • Combined *instruction and play packages
  • Complimentary use of the TGGA golf driving range
  • On-site golf course accommodation, meals and play package
If you can’t see what you are looking for, tell us what you’d like to do and we’ll make it happen.

* The Three Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) offers first-class golf instruction and is the perfect base for cricketers and their guests wishing to accelerate their knowledge of the game.

Our most popular program is two to three hours of morning instruction followed by 9 or 18 holes of golf or "Captain’s Choice" tournament.
Team Training on TGCA’s international standard oval and practice facilities provide an alternative training ground for teams coming from countries with unseasonable weather, in transit during tournament play or just looking for change of scenery.

We can offer you long term or short term use based on availability.
  • Affordable group accommodation
  • Accommodation, meals and Traidhos Oval all located on our safe and secure campus
  • Access to all Traidhos Community facilities for training purposes
Game development and accreditation play an integral role in the sport of cricket. The outstanding facilities available at Three-Generation Community for Learning and TGCA’s cricket ground provide an ideal venue to host your next training course or seminar.

The following Asia Cricket Council high-performance coaching courses for the twenty-one member countries have been conducted at Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning:
  • July 2005: Specialist - fast bowling, batting (with Cricket Australia)
  • December 2005: Sports Medicine
  • July 2006: Spin bowling, wicket-keeping, fielding (with Cricket Australia)
  • October 2006: CAT Training Camp
  • January 2007: Sports Medicine seminar (ACC)
  • March 2007: ACC Coaching Seminar
  • October 2007: CAT Coaching Course
  • August 2008: Hong Kong Ladies’ Training and Coaching course
  • October 2008: Level 1 coaching course (with Cricket Australia)
  • June 2009: CAT Level 1 coaching course
  • October 2009: Thailand Training Camp
  • March 2010: Thailand Under 13 Training Camp
  • December 2010: ACC Coaching Seminar (with Cricket Australia)
  • February 2011: CAT Training Camp