Unique opportunity to attend a world-class IB school and take part in an ECB program
Scholarships and advanced cricket curriculums are available
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The Three Generation Cricket Academy (TGCA) offers the highly-recognised English Cricket Board program for Prem International School students under the guidance of David Buck (ECB Level 3 Staff Coach).

TGCA offers a unique opportunity for boys and girls to attend a world-class International Baccalaureate school while taking part and developing proficiency in the highly recognized English Cricket Board program:
  • An after-school program cricket coaching program for Grades 1 - 6 is held during school terms
  • Students who wish to participate can contact David Buck for further information
  • The Panthers are the Three Generation Cricket Academy team
  • Scholarships and advanced cricket curriculums are available for talented students

1. Time to Play
This scheme has three awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold), which assess skill areas - bowling, batting and fielding - covered in the program.

2. Kwik Cricket
The Kwik Cricket Skill Award scheme tests children’s catching, throwing, bowling and striking skills and has Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates.

3. Inter Cricket
In this section of the program, students are introduced to full cricket equipment and use an 'intermediate' ball. This program is designed to teach all aspects of a game situation and to challenge students as well as creating confidence. An award is given when a student achieves over 60% in an assessment test.

4. Proficiency Award Scheme
The Proficiency Award Scheme has been designed to provide a series of incentives that will encourage boys and girls to learn and enjoy the skills of cricket. This scheme is the logical extension of group coaching and in addition to being a measure of a young cricketer’s ability in the basic skills, is an excellent check on their progress over a period of coaching.

The scheme is for qualified Inter Cricket players of any age.
  • Test 1 : the student receives a Bronze Certificate and badge.
  • Test 2 : the student receives a Silver Certificate and badge.
  • Test 3 : the student receives a Gold Certificate and badge and automatically qualifies for acceptance into The Cricket Academy. The student will also be awarded his/her Cricket Colours.
Prem Cricket Scholarships
Jigme Singye

Kingdom of Bhutan
Former Prem Cricket Scholarship player
Recent holder of the Bhutanese National record - 175